Month: November 2017

Episode 4 – Duran Duran’s Rio Album Review

This is Jason D’Orazio welcoming you from New Wave Beat. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, for those in the US. Later I will discuss Duran Duran’s iconic 2nd album “Rio”. But first, some new wave news:

0:00 – New Wave News

5:00 – Review of Duran Duran’s Rio
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Episode 2 – Duran Duran’s Eponymous Album Review

Welcome back to New Wave Beat! I am your host, Jason D’Orazio. I want to go over Duran Duran’s self-titled debut album. But 1st some of the latest new wave news…

0:01: New Wave news

5:36: Review of Duran Duran’s eponymous album
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Episode 1 – Songs from 1978

Hello, hello, and welcome to the podcast New Wave Beat! This is your host, Jason D’Orazio. Today I will give you recent news regarding some of your favorite new wave artists, and then I will take a dive into 5 great songs that came out of the New Wave movement in the year 1978.

0:00 – New Wave News

5:11 – 5 songs from 1978
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