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Episode 8 – Christmas Songs

Welcome, welcome to a Christmas edition of New Wave Beat. I am your host, Jason D’Orazio! Before we go into some new wave Christmas songs, let’s talk about some recent news…
0:00 – New Wave News
5:31 – New Wave Christmas Songs
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Episode 5 – Songs From 1980

Welcome to New Wave Beat! I am your host, Jason D’Orazio. We will talk about some new wave news, and then take a dive into 5 seminal songs from 1980.

0:00 – New Wave news

5:24 – Songs From 1980
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Episode 0 – What is New Wave, Inspiration for this Podcast

Episode 0 is now up! This is a brief episode explaining what new wave music is, what the New Wave Beat podcast is about, and what inspired me to open up to everyone about my love of new wave music. Enjoy!

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